About Us

SRS Informatika Kft. is a Hungarian IT company based in Budapest, whose main profile is developing, installing, and maintaining retail IT systems.


Within the organization of Synergon Informatika Nyrt. the retail business started its operations in 1993. Synergon Retail System (SRS) software has been created to integrate stores and connect them to management systems. The firm became a subsidiary in 2007: Synergon Retail Systems Kft., a company specializing in commercial solutions, was established.

In 2014, CEO Romulus Steinbinder purchased a 25% stake in the company. Later, Synergon Informatika Nyrt. sold its stake in Synergon Retail Systems Kft.

Synergon Retail Systems Kft. was renamed SRS Informatika Kft.


1994 Reception of title IBM RSS Business Partner

2001 Reception of title IBM RetailPartner

2009 Most Dynamic Hungarian Start-up Company

2011 Most Dynamic Growing Retail Partner of IBM

2012 NATO supplier certificate

2013 NCR Partner Award for Excellence

2013 Trade permit of SRS 4.0 Base NCR-AEE PC-based online payment system from the Magyar Kereskedelmi Engedélyezési Hivatal (Hungarian Trade Licensing Office)

2013 Reception of a positive qualification for individually developed cash register system specifically for tobacconists’ from Nemzeti Dohánykereskedelmi Nonprofit Zrt. (National Tobacco Trading Company)

2019 Opten ‘A’ Certification. According to the rating, SRS is one of the most trusted players in the business world. The financial risk of a business relationship with the company is extremely low.

2022 – SRS Informatika Kft. Received the MVM Group Supplier Rating. (pdf.)

The high-quality level of our comprehensive services is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality assurance certificate of the company.


Research and development of a prototype for obtaining and processing of on-board, real-time data of power consumption of electric vehicles.


We have introduced precautionary measures to assess the risk of the spread of the coronavirus in Hungary.