Waiting and Administrative Timer System

With our system, you can easily track how much time your customers spend waiting, queuing, and how long the administration takes.


  • serial number printing device: computer-based serial number distribution device in desktop or totem design, with thermal paper printing. (printed content: timestamp, serial number, barcode.)
  • administrative barcode scanner: laser scanner with desktop stand
  • database server: database manager installed on a virtual server in the network
  • administrator interface: you can monitor the status of the serial number printing devices and receive notifications when paper rolls need to be replaced.

+ customer call display on-demand

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Upon arrival, the customer prints a serial number using a button prominently displayed on the kiosk. The data (serial number, time of ticket printing, etc.) is stored simultaneously as printing.

When the waiting customer is queued, it passes the serial number to the clerk, who reads its code with the barcode scanner. The scan time is also entered into the database, and the measurement of the administration begins.

At the end of the administration, the process is completed by re-scanning.

The data is transferred to the virtual server at any time (e.g. in real-time or collected at the end of the day), where it can be analyzed with the appropriate privileges.


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