Bonsai – Logistics Condition Management for Supermarkets

BONSAI is a commercial software system developed especially for supermarkets and other FMCG market players, which connects with the ERP system and collaborates with suppliers up-to-date, accurately, and transparently.

It can be used in commercial situations where the supermarket or other FMCG company and its suppliers have a long-term contractual relationship and the main invoice transactions include:

  • goods invoices with immediate discounts issued by the supplier to the supermarket as a buyer, and
  • service invoices issued by the supermarket and paid by the supplier (ex-post discounts, e.g. quantity discounts, advertising fees, shelf fees, etc.).
  • The software helps us to take into account purchasing conditions, current inventories, and current deliveries when making purchasing decisions and preparing annual purchasing plans to make optimal supplier agreements.

With the BONSAI software system

  • discounts and bonuses can be tracked and organized per supplier,
  • supplier contracts can be prepared and printed,
  • periodic bonus reckonings can be made, bonus invoices can be generated.

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Using BONSAI, supermarkets can achieve better liquidity, fewer bonus arrears, and bonus maximization during the year.

The software system is used by 58 companies in 23 countries, including:

In Hungary:

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