EDI Service Provider

We are ECOD EDI service providers in the following countries: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, China, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, England, etc.

After assessing customer needs, we apply custom solutions and pricing. The recommended prices and designs are significantly more affordable and flexible than any other international EDI provider.


ECOD EDI is flexible and scalable: in addition to traditional EDI, web-EDI is also available for small businesses (invoicing can be done within ECOD), and custom integration solutions (e.g. SAP, Navision, Axapta, Scala, etc.) can also be achieved with it.

ECOD EDI technology has been proven to more than 9,000 customers, both technically and business-wise. This fact guarantees that we can provide a secure connection between you and your partners. In Hungary, we provide the opportunity to connect to the networks of Auchan, Metro, Tesco, Spar, Cora, Baumax, Praktiker, Media-Saturn and OBI, among others.

With ECOD solutions, an availability time of over 98% is guaranteed.


  • order processing time is reduced,
  • more accurate invoicing, less erroneous invoices,
  • less human resources are required to produce, exchange and modify documents,
  • production of all documents is a regular and fast process, so customer service improves and customer satisfaction increases,
  • all document movements can be accurately tracked,
  • no need to print documents anymore.

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PKI based electronic invoicing

SRS Comarch ECOD eDOC24 is a comprehensive solution for managing electronic invoices and secure electronic signatures. Integrates with ECOD Archive applications, allowing customers to handle all e-invoices (EDI and PKI).

  • signed invoices for delivery staff:
    • eDOC24 web interface
    • E-mail
    • Other (e.g. media)
  • archiving of e-invoices, securing access for NAV and NAV auditors are available
  • status of documents that can be tracked and sent continuously
  • can be supplemented with outsourcing providers and e-invoicing project
  • sending e-mail / SMS notification, e.g. to the invoice recipient about sending the invoice.
  • web interface can be customized to the customer’s corporate image

Since 2009, Gartner Magic Quadrant has been considered one of the best solutions among integrated solution providers.

ECOD Archive

The ECOD Archive is used to archive electronically enhanced invoices and other documents (contracts, orders, etc.).

  • quick search of an electronic number of archived accounts according to predefined criteria.
  • tracking of printing and downloading of documents (who, when, which document).
  • NAV can provide online access to archived invoices.
  • reduce document storage costs.

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ECOD Distribution

ECOD Distribution enables fully automated communication between manufacturers and distributors. With ECOD Distribution, you can also create daily automated store inventory and reseller reports.

  • start small – modular expandability
  • international references (in 13 countries)
  • confirmed reporting solution (automatic “weight loss” and “shipping” report)
  • experience in integration with SAP and other systems
  • Business Portal for Distributors

ECOD Data Share

The application can be used to create reports from documents sent via the EDI platform. The types of reports you can make depend on the types of documents exchanged by each company.

The online application provides the ability to load older data from an existing ERP system.

Reports that can be created with the application:

  • inventory and sales reports
  • document movements
  • packaging reports
  • service level reports (performance reports)

ECOD Agent

It is a recommended solution for FMCG and pharmaceutical companies to automate sales resources, support different sales channels, and optimize manufacturing processes. It can be fully integrated with other ECOD solutions (EDI – Electronic Documents Interchange, ECOD Distribution – better communication with business partners).

Where it helps:

Administration – processing, managing and storing product and customer data

Controlling – control of salespeople and regional representatives in the sales area, image transfer and logistics

Analysis and reporting – analysis and reporting of data on key variables for efficient operation

Communication – effective communication in the organizational units of the sales resource

Advantages of using the system:

  • reduce customer management costs
  • gather market information quickly and accurately
  • manage and optimize sales resources
  • electronic and automated reporting to eliminate human error
  • eliminate errors and inaccuracies in prepared reports
  • increase sales team efficiency (SR, ASM, DSM, NSM)

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