ECOD Agent

ecod-agentSolution of sales resource automation for the support of various sales channels. An excellent solution for the market participants of the FMCG (fast-turning products) and the pharmaceutical industry for optimisation of sales and production processes. It is also fully integrated with other ECOD solutions (EDI – Electronic Documents Interchange, ECOD Distribution – better communication with the business partners).

Administration – processing, handling, storage of consistent product and customer data
Controlling – Control of the salesmen and local representatives in the sales area, in the profile transmission and in the logistics
Analysis and report – analysis of data of essential variables, report production in the interest of optimising functions
Communication – effective communication in the organisational units of sales resources

Advantages of using the system:

  • Reducing the cost of dealing with a client
  • Quick and accurate collecting of information from the market
  • Control and optimisation of sales resources
  • Electronic and automatable production of reports to eliminate human errors
  • Elimination of errors and inaccuracies in completed reports
  • Increasing the effectiveness of the sales team (SR, ASM, DSM, NSM)

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