Robotic Book Scanner

One of the most annoying parts of digitizing documents is a low speed, especially for books and other bound documents. Not only is it time-consuming to scan, but paper or binding can be damaged in the process.

Qidenus robotic book scanner

The Qidenus robot book scanner, marketed and installed by SRS Informatika, offers a solution for this: it enables easy, fast, mass digitization of paper-based documents. A field server can handle up to 5 robots.

The robot can scan up to 2,500 pages per hour, yet is gentle on paper and books. Thanks to its bionic scrolling mechanism, it protects the condition of documents and can also scan delicate, fragile, torn, damaged paper. Books don’t even need to be stretched to produce high-quality scanned material, and you can even adjust the booklet opening angle to 80 degrees.

The Quidenus scanner robot is sure to scan every single page – this is ensured by sensors that measure the density of the sheets.



Qidenus A3+

Qidenus A2


104 x 83 x 97 cm 117 x 98 x 103 cm

87 kg

99 kg



Pagination speed:

2500 pages/h


300 / 400 / 600 ppi

300 / 400 / 500 ppi

Operating modes:

automatic, semi-automatic, manual

Max book size (spread):

56 x 37 cm

60 x 44 cm

Max book thickness:

12 cm

16 cm

Paper weight

30–350 g/m²

Export options:

fájlba (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, RAW, PDF, PDF OCR, XML), printer, e-mail, cloud


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Scannable materials

books, sheets of paper, documents, contracts, magazines, researches, invoices, certificates, ring binder, loose-leaf binders, paperclips, staples, crumpled paper

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