Construction of IT Networks (LAN, WLAN)

Our company undertakes to build local Ethernet data networks both in addition to and independently of its own application systems.


  • copper-based and glass fibre networks
  • speeds: 10/100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps
  • high operational safety with built-in redundancy.


  • For workshops and warehouses:
    • setting up a signal propagation model for halls,
    • designing an optimal Access Point allocation on the model,
    • automatic power control on Access Points,
    • network management.

Full service

Our specialists perform all the steps from the need to the turnkey system:

  1. Needs assessment: checking business needs, data volumes, availability, etc.
  2. Field survey: checking dimensions, temperature conditions, propagation influencing equipment, etc.
  3. Survey of existing network devices and topology.
  4. Designing a network architecture according to the results of the surveys with design programs.
  5. Construction of the network according to the approved plan:
    • installation of active and passive devices,
    • installation of cabling brackets and substructures,
    • disconnection and identification of copper and optical cables,
    • connection and parameterization of active devices.
  1. Testing, inspecting, measuring and documenting the built network.
  2. Operator training with training materials.
  3. Handing over the complete documentation of the finished network.
  4. Project management to ensure the timely completion of the activities above.


ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ, PCE Paragon Solutions (Foxconn)

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