Retail System

retail solutions

Complex, online retail solutions

  • SRS retail systems are applications developed in-house by SRS Informatika Kft
  • Modulr design
  • Extensive parameterisation
  • Scalable to customer requirements and in line with the various businesses and system-structural expectations
  • Article master with 2-300 000 elements can also be treated without problems
  • Colourful, user-friendly graphical Windows operating platform

The system consists of three components which are integrated into a tree structure:

SynPOS. (POS=Point Of Sale, cash register) Online cash register with the approval of the NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA)). Complete with industry-standard functions: selection of the products by barcode, article number or name. The handling of several payment methods is possible and a mixed payment is also available. Fix or percent reductions are also possible.

SynBOS. (BOS=Back Office System) Usually at a place separated from the sales room, PC workplace. This system covers the reserve functions including; product movements, the control of goods received, return delivery, purchase order, transfer/takeover between networks, inventory, evaluation, routing, etc.

SynHOS (HOS=Head Office System) Central system, which is at the center of the company. Here one can control the entire network, specify the data of the individual branches, and set communication parameters.

retail solutions

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