SRS Ticketing

retail solutions

SRS Ticketing is a self-developed system that can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. It can thus fulfil such individual functions as are specific to the given company and essential for the sale of the products. With the use of SRS Ticketing, individual reports can be produced that can help business and marketing activity. The system can be linked to financial modules for easier handling, even with different corporate management solutions. We have developed the SRS ticketing system so that it can support sales strategies in the future as well. One such possibility is the RFID-based non-contact ticket purchase or the payment via the Internet / Mobile. Thanks to the design of the system, it can work with other sales-supporting devices (such as vending machines, mobile sales terminals, etc.), but it also supports automated entry solutions (barcode readers, ticket control / ticket sales, control of barrier-free gates).

Benefits of the SRS ticketing system

  • Easy to handle
  • Fast ticket sales and ticket printing
  • Connected to network
  • Synchronisation between the sales points, treatment of the central article and regular vendors
  • Fast invoice printout
  • Controllable, searchable transactions
  • Independent treatment of working layers and cashiers
  • Compliance and treatment of regulations and legal grounds (rules on reimbursement, treatment costs, compliance of saleability rules)
  • Immediate detection of income and reserves
  • Reliable industrial means

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