International SRS Cash Register Systems

The SRS cash register system is licensed locally and operates in the language of the given country in Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, and Slovenia.

During the developments, country-specific individual document types, tax and ‘non-tax’ documents and an online interface were developed in each country at SRS POS and SRS BOS/HOS levels.

The system’s biggest advantage is that we provide our international customers with a unified, user-friendly cash register and a back-end system so that individual stores can be monitored from a single central system (SRS HOS). This also means that by meeting the local tax requirements of the given countries, with particular functionalities in the legislation, the system offers the possibility of unified data exchange, which is integrated with higher systems (ERP) and provides unified reporting, goods management and financial supervision. If required, the system can be flexibly expanded by implementing it under the tax provisions of the given country. Thus, other countries can be included in the network.

SRS Base Europe: