ECRs (electronic cash registers)

Micra Jota M

Micra Jota MThis cashier system is offered for moderate to above-average turnover grocery shops, butchers, confectioneries, bakeries and smaller restaurants. Solid case, convenient keyboard, easy to read, graphical display characterised the machine. Other devices can be easily linked to the machine. Economical, 80 cm long cash machine belt, easy to read invoice (57 mm). Thanks to the easy-load system (filling, finishing, printing), the tape reel is quickly exchangeable. You can choose from a number of different report styles.


  • Open PLU – unlimited expansion of database.
  • Goods are selectable with the aid of number, name, barcode or fixed-programmed key, in the database.
  • Programmable keyboard for quick sale, payment, discount, report or other necessary functions (6 functional buttons).

Advantages of cashier system

  • Cooperation of the reserves with the background programme has already been confirmed by the Micra Eco Max cash machine. With the driver attached business operating system you don’t have to approve it separately!
  • Alphanumeric, programmable keyboard.
  • ”Alternating Price” function for selected product.
  • Operation with discounts.
  • Prior to the closure of invoice, each item is verifiable, repairable or erasable.
  • Linked sale to such products, which must be sold together (beverages + empties).
  • Simultaneous operation of several scales (in case of various payment points).
  • Sale and return of empties.
  • “Unique, freed attitude” – cashier system also works, if there is no accessible internet connection.
  • 12 direct selling groups of products.
  • Payment: cash, bank card, voucher, check, other
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Sam 4S NR-300

Sam4s NR-300
We are convinced that the Sam 4S NR-300 model is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.


  • Stylish: It is important for every merchant that his business makes a good impression. The elegant NR-300, planned with a clear design, will also help you on the smallest sales points.
  • Facilitates the handling: the handling of the NR-300 can be learned in an extremely short time. If you feel insecure when using a function of the programme, you can always flip to the appropriate chapter of our manual, which clearly explains the operation.
  • Equipped with an easy-to-read, lagoon-blue display: Contrary to old cash machines, the Sam 4S model is able to display all letters of the Hungarian alphabet. On the flash display it shows notifications during the sale to help the shop assistant. When the employee does not use the machine, you can run advertising texts on the display.
  • Fast block printout: The NR-300 produces the receipts with a high-speed, thermal printer, in which the paper is exchangeable in one motion. Then only the new role has to be inserted, and the work can go on.
  • Ergonomic operating platform: The keyboard layout of the new Sam 4S is logical and easy to operate. The crystal buttons of the device are not only fashionable, but also durable. Headings built into the transparent ‘plastic blocks’ will never wear out.
  • Use with barcode reader: With the device you can sell your goods after linking with a scanner for barcodes. You can transfer the sales data simply by using a USB key from the cash machine to your computer. The NR-300 is compatible with nearly all cash boxes.
  • With 3 year warranty: An extended warranty can be ordered, covering 2 years more than legally required, a total of 3 years.


    • Indicator: displays all letters of Hungarian alphabet
    • Keyboard: hard-wearing built-in buttons
    • Printer: direct heat pressure to 57.5 mm wide roll, simplified paper threading
    • Linking possibilities: PC, barcode reader, bank card reader, USB for storing the AEE
    • Number of collectors, goods and identifications: even 1200 items, 8 collectors and 20 different sellers
    • Size: 285 mm (width), 215 mm (depth), 125 mm (height), 1.4 kg (weight)
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    Datecs Dp-25

    Datacs Dp-35


    • Display with 4 lines
    • Handling of the barcode
    • Rich possibilities of linking (barcode reader, external, informative display for buyers, cashbox opening)
    • Possibility of extension by rechargeable battery
    • Numerous notifications (daily sales reports, cash reports, sales by cashiers, sales by products, decrease of the products)
    • Quickly exchangeable paper roll
    • Up to 1000 items, 30 different identifiable sellers

    Detailed data of the products

    Number of articles treated more than 10’000
    Length of the name of Article 30 characters
    Handled barcode types EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC, barcode output from scale, 4 pieces / product
    Identification of the point of sale maximum 9 uses of cash register identifications
    ÁFA categories (value-added tax (VAT) categories) 5 ÁFA categories / 500 sales collectors
    Operator 30 (currently active)
    Maximum number of items on one invoice Max 120
    Payment methods Cash, bank card, voucher, check, other
    Tax control module (AEE) DFC-500, 64 GB memory
    Reports Daily sales report
    Cash report
    Sales by cashiers
    Sales by products
    Decrease of the products
    Thermal printer EPSON M-T173H
    Print speed 12 lines / second
    Number of characters per line 42 characters / 384 points
    Paper size 57 mm (width)
    60.72 μm (thickness)
    Ø max 65 mm
    Operator display Graphic LCD, 4 lines x 22 char/line
    Customer display LCD, 2 lines x 16 char/line
    Power supply unit AC 110÷240V 50-60 Hz DC 9V 2500mA
    Li-ion rechargeable battery 2000 mAh, at least 1000 receipts
    Internal calendar Synchronised daily with the AEE, after switching off 90 days on time
    Attachable devices Cashbox opening
    Barcode reader
    2 times RS-232C, scale, informative display for buyers
    GSM modem 3G / GPRS modem installed in the AEE equipped
    with short-circuit protected antenna and connection
    Operating temperature 0 °C – 45 °C
    Size 320 mm (width), 226 mm (depth), 92 mm (height)
    Weight 1,215 kg


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