SRS POS — Computer-based, NAV-licensed Online Cash Register and Inventory Management System

We have developed our NAV-licensed, computer-based, online cash register system for retail stores and store chains. You can request only installing the software on your existing cash register devices. However, we also build entirely new cash register systems. We also offer turnkey solutions for stalls, canteens, fashion stores, gas stations and ticket offices.

We take care of everything from the installation of the cash register system through tax licensing and/or localization to the 24-hour cash register IT customer support and service.

As SRS POS is a computer-based cash register, it can be flexibly adapted and expanded according to the needs of the given business on three levels:

SRS POS cash register

The POS cash register is an elegant and space-saving solution. A cash register is a computer with a touch screen that is suitable for constant operation. Thanks to the touch screen, you don’t need a separate mouse or keyboard. The essential accessories of the cash register are the tax printer, the customer display, the cash drawer and the barcode scanner.

Our software developed for POS cash registers has the modern features we are used to, such as:

  • Product identification: by barcode, part number or name.
  • Payment methods: cash, card, coupon, foreign currency, mixed.
  • Discount options: fixed and percentage.
  • Capacity: It handles an article body of 2-300,000 items without any problems.
  • Security: We store the database at all levels in case there is no internet.


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Expansion option: Control of multiple cash registers, inventory management and connection of additional devices

The PC-based cash register can be supplemented with the SRS BOS background computer, enabling inventory management and central control of several cash registers.

By connecting a computer workstation, which is usually located separately from the sales area, you can:

  • Control several cash registers from one place: central item and customer master management, synchronization between points of sale,
  • Collecting sales data for each cash register,
  • Inventory records and inventory reports: all inventory and customer activities (including product movements such as receipt, return, order, cross-network handover and receipt, inventory and evaluation, scrapping, etc.) as well as on-demand reports related to these activities, be done,
  • Additional devices can be connected to the cash register, such as an electronic shelf label, various vending machines (e.g. glass changer, snack, coffee, drink, etc.), camera cash register monitoring, self-service payment terminals, access control systems.

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Expansion option: Central control of cash register systems in-store networks

We recommend the SRS HOS server for the central management of several cash register systems (e.g. store network), to manage them from one place, and to connect them to ERP systems. With the help of a computer located in the centre it is possible to:

  • collect turnover data from individual stores (cash register systems),
  • central store management, central setting and modification of the data of each store (prices, products, partners, shifts, etc.), central initiation of promotions, promotions, even for the whole network or for only a part of it,
  • for interconnection with business management systems: data collected from cash registers can be transferred to business management systems (ERP, CRM, etc.).

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Vertical-specific cash registers

  • Ticket sales
  • Tobacconists
  • Petrol stations
  • Company canteens
  • Fashion stores

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Vertical-specific cash registers

For Ticket Sales

For Tobacco Shops

For Petrol Stations

For Canteens

For Fashion Stores