Cash Register System for Restaurants

The SRS Canteen restaurant system is an improved version of SRS’s retail cash register system. It is suitable for the IT service of restaurants operating in factory canteens, large companies and office buildings.

The advantages of the system are:

  • quick introduction, easy handling
  • extra fast service — satisfied customers
  • advanced components, high reliability
  • low cost of ownership
  • quick payback
  • ERP interface

The rich functionality of the system makes it suitable for restaurants operating in large companies and office buildings. The following is a list of the essential features:

  • cash registers integrated into the system licensed by National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV)
  • non-cash forms of payment for guests:
    • by corporate pass: No separate internal restaurant card is required. Guests can pay with their corporate pass with a single touch. Company entrance cards can be topped up with a credit card at self-service terminals or topped up from the employer’s financial or payroll system (individual cafeteria). The employee can check his balance on the internal corporate intranet.
    • by bank card: External guests can pay by bank card.
  • plant on multiple sites
  • connecting various vending machines to the system (coffee, drink, sandwich, sweets) with the above cash-free payment methods
  • ERP interface
  • rich functionality for kitchen operation:
    • receipt of raw materials, inventory
    • record of recipes
    • accounting for material use based on recipes
  • insert web applications (e.g. daily / weekly menu publishing, webshop, etc.)


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