SRS Ticketing

retail solutions

SRS Ticketing knows everything the SRS POS cash register has, in addition to the following special features:

Ticket sales

  • at the cash register, on the Internet or with self-service machines,
  • sale of season tickets, group tickets and sets of tickets,
  • acceptance of holiday cards, vouchers,
  • automatic (additional) sales for visitors using a bank card,
    reverse vending machine rules, handling costs and titles
  • monitoring marketability rules

Production of tickets

Paper-based tickets can be:

  • tickets with a unique ID printed on a cash register tape,
  • locally produced tickets printed in the press.

Tickets downloaded and presented on mobile devices are also accepted.

Expandable with an access control system

In addition to the manual barcode scanner, automated, unattended access is possible to check ticket validity. SRS Ticketing can be supplemented with a turnstile, barrier or gate access system.

The SRS Ticketing system is designed to support future sales strategies. Examples of such development opportunities include RFID-based contactless ticketing, online and mobile payments.


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