Tax licensing, localization and integration of cash registers


We can carry out approval procedures related to taxation in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, and also efficiently implement their IT adjustments to actual tax regulatory environment and the integration of business systems for our customers in these countries, as well as in other countries. Whether it is the full integration of the system or just the approval procedure of the tax permits for a third party, or the local support of IT support groups working in other countries, you can count on us. We are well-versed in the IT processes in the whole Central European region, which correspond to the different taxation conditions.

In 2013, the tax law was substantially changed. The government’s main idea was to integrate all POS terminals and cash registers into the online system, which would send transaction data directly to the NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA)) centre. After numerous changes, it became clear that the previously used tax-related systems in the new taxation environment for the new regulations and requirements are not suitable. Therefore, these systems must have been partially or completely replaced, which had to be done by market participants by the end of 2014.

fiskalizációSRS Informatika Kft (formerly Synergon Retail Systems Kft) has been involved in the implementation of tax control processes since the 1990s. Since the change in law in 2013, the company has been enriched with further experience, and has been pro-actively involved in the development and testing of the Adóügyi Ellenőrző Egység (Tax Control Unit) to fully comply with the regulations and to be able to operate smoothly. We want to make our specialist know-how available to every company that, in addition to the basic functions, would like to use systems that effectively support their own business operations and work process.

SRS Informatika Kft has its own tax permit (A030, A045, A047). Furthermore, we also participate in several different fiscalisation projects as testers, as advisors or as a third party.

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