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retail solutions

Complex Online Retail Solutions

  • SRS retail systems are home-developed softwares of SRS Informatika Kft.
  • Modular design
  • Extensive parameterisation
  • Customisable to customer requirements
  • Excellent ability to meet various business and system design needs through its scalability
  • A stock of 2-300,000 items can be managed without any problems
  • Colourful, easy-to-understand graphical Windows user interface

The system consists of three components at different levels, organised in a tree structure:

SynPOS (POS = Point of Sale, cash register) NAV licensed ONLINE cash register. It has the advanced cash register features you are used to today. Select products by barcode, item number or name. Multiple payment methods are available, including even mixed payment methods. Fixed or percentage discounts are also provided.

SynBOS (BOS = Back Office System) This is usually a PC workstation that is located somewhere else than the sales room. This system also handles inventory functions including product movements such as receiving, returning, ordering, transfer/receiving between networks, inventory management and evaluation, disposal, and so on.

SynHOS (HOS = Head Office System) The company headquarters houses the central system. From here you can control the entire network. The details of each deal can be entered here. You can also adjust the communication settings.

retail solutions

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