ECOD Distribution

ecod-distributionThe ECOD Distribution is an EDI-based communication platform, which enables the more effective cooperation between producers and distributors. The ECOD Distribution provides fully automated communication for the partners. In the ECOD Distribution, daily reports about business stores and resellers can be handled.

Advantages of ECOD Distribution:

  • Effective EDI methodology that controls the consistency of the data
  • Guarantee of clear and accurate information
  • Service is built on EDI technology
  • Start “small” – modular expandability
  • International references (13 countries)
  • Reporting
  • Fully automated environment (at level of report and sending)
  • Implementation of the data consistency and normalization by Comarch
  • Confirmed reporting solutions (automated “decrease” and “logistics” reports) in SAP and other systems gained experiences
  • Comarch / SRS support for distributors
  • Business Portal for Distributors
  • Comarch / SRS assumes responsibility for the entire process – from the introduction through the normalisation phase to the handling of reports