ECOD Operator

ecod-operatorBenefits of the SRS ECOD Operator Platform:

  • Quick start: The ECOD is an excellent working platform that completely guarantees a fast project start. After technical consultations and tutorials, the SRS ECOD System can quickly provide the necessary EDI solutions for you and your partners.
  • Flexibility: The SRS ECOD is our own solution and our own development, with which we can guarantee maximum flexibility for our customers. As a result, we can work out the solutions that best suit your requirements.
  • Support and project management guarantee: SRS, thanks to its prominence and contacts, provides support and assistance to you and your partners in the implementation of the system and in the subsequent questions about the operation.
  • The offered prices and designs are significantly cheaper and more flexible than any other EDI service provider. The SRS and Comarch focus primarily on customer satisfaction and the achievement of ever more effective results.
  • The ECOD technology has proven its worth to more than 9000 customers. It offers a wide range of services in the field of technology and business. This fact ensures that we can make contacts with you and your partners with certainty.
  • We are international service providers. The open, international structure and business model that we design is for the success of your introduction. We provide services to customers in the following countries: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, China, Croatia, Serbia, Portugal, England etc.

The arguments listed above guarantee successful project management in the field of technology and business for the requirements of your company.

Build contact in Hungary:

We provide EDI links for the retail chains of the following companies: Auchan, Metro, Tesco, Spar, Cora, Baumax, Praktiker, Media-Saturn and OBI. Interested? We are happy to provide you more information about the further possibilities!

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