Electronic shelf label system


What is the electronic shelf label system?

The electronic shelf label system is an innovative system operating in the lower radio frequency range, which displays the prices and other characteristics of the products at shorter intervals.

Devices displayed at the point of sale that, thanks to the connection with the IT system, constantly receives and displays the latest information such as; the price of a product, the price of a given measurement unit, current promotions, discounts in forints or percent, new-ordered items and reserves.

Advantages of the shelf labels:

  • Quick price change
  • Needs no manual work to change prices
  • Multiple checks of prices is no longer necessary
  • Provides help with changing the shelf arrangement
  • Ends high printing costs
  • Comprehensible
  • Does not need an extra cable extension from our partners
  • Easy display of discounts and promotions

These devices can provide assistance to mark the promotions of different products. Easily connectable to databases (Back Office Software, business management system, CRM, etc.). They can be fixed on the shelves as needed.

How does it work?

The basis of the system is provided by the radio transmitter connected to the IT system, which is placed in several places at the sales location, and the shelf labels. On the devices, the article master or the corresponding prices from the cash register and from Back Office databases can easily be exported. After sending out the information, we can get accurate feedback on which device we sent what information, and whether the download was successful.

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