Camera systems

kamera-rendszerekSRS Informatika Kft effectively distributes two types of camera systems:

  • Common and internal camera systems
  • Security cameras that can be integrated with cash registers

In view of the common and internal camera systems, we distribute such systems, whose task is to enable the management of larger areas (settlements, environments). These are the so-called common camera systems.

These systems enable to help the investigating bodies and the maintenance organisations by providing information in image format in case of an administrative offense (damage, illegal garbage disposal, etc.) committed in public areas or in particularly important locations. The same systems can also be used not only outdoor but also indoor.

The security camera systems, which can be integrated to the cashier systems, can bring the monitoring of economic abuses of retail units to a higher level.

The transactions and other operations which can visually display integrated cash register activities in the camera image can be carried out in addition to targeted statistics and searches.

If suspicions of such abuses arise, it can be quickly investigated, or even clarified, with the help of the system. Experience shows that large sums can be saved annually, proportionate to the size of the company.

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