Robotic book scanner


The services of the robot book scanner enable the digitisation of books on a large scale. Thanks to the bionic scrolling mechanism it protects the state of the books. Its operation is particularly efficient and convenient.

  • 2500 pages / hour on average
  • Selectable book angle setting
  • One system can operate up to 5 robots
  • Complete adjustment: construction and composition of robots happens 100% according to the requirements of the customer
  • Double-side control
  • Supported camera systems: 350-600 DPI
  • Intelligent operation and software management


SWAN Scan – preserve the past for the future

The most annoying part of using a scanner is speed or lack thereof. Particularly in case of bound documents. Scanning these products does not only take time, but they can also be damaged.

The solution is SWAN Scan!

Thanks to the CMOS sensors, the SWAN Scan can scan two pages at the same time in less than a second. The positioning of the sensor and the combination of the LED illumination with the V-shaped beam is also able to scan one-sided documents just as good as entire books. Simply put the documents in the scanner and press the button.

It scans faster than we can scroll. It can scan the documents during a fraction of the working time of an average scanner. And additionally, thanks to the V-shaped carrier, you don’t have to dissolve the binding on the document.

Scannable materials:

Swan Scan

Export options:

Swan Scan

Technical specifications:

Szkennelési méretA3
Szenzor TípusCMOS – nincs mechanikus zár
Tartó nyitási szögÁllítható 120°— 180 °
Szoftver ellenőrzés10’’ érintőképernyő
Szoftver csomagQiDrive Érintőképernyős
Kimeneti kép formátumokEgyoldalas & többoldalas PDF, JPEG, TIFF
MegvilágításHideg fényű LED
IT RendszerIntegrált 8 Magos Processzor PC
MéretekM:80 / SZ:65 / H:60 cm
FelhasználhatóságPlug & Play
Ár:1 790 000 HUF + ÁFA-tól

Swan Scan

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