SRS KIOSK and Info Center solutions

We recommend to our customers the solution without operating staff for busy or not so busy places where either the speed of operation is low or it is not profitable to hire an employee for this task.

These devices can be divided into two categories:

I. Display with touch screen or normal information display


  • Show information
    o Interactive and animated content
    o View pictures and videos
    o Add labels
  • Maps, timetables, opening hours, customer call etc.
  • Modular construction
    o Multifunctional
    o Expandable with additional functions
  • Expandable later with further hardware units
  • For inner and outer areas, also in vandalism resistant design
  • Can be integrated in the system
  • Controllable remotely

II. Ticket and service machines, payment machines


  • Ticket and monthly ticket sales
    o Public transport
    o Museums
    o Events
    o Parking lots
  • Support of deposit and withdrawal functions (e.g. check, subsequent dispatch)
  • Distribution of electronic services (loading of call time credits, paying the motorway toll, paying the parking fee with mobile phone)
  • Planning, printing a travel offer
  • Printing customer loyalty cards with customer name on site


III. Machines for maintenance time or queues

kiosk1Every day you have to stand in many places in queues, either at a cash register, in the financial institution, in the insurance office, at a service provider or in a fast-food restaurant. Maintenance time can be interesting for a number of reasons, but it has a crucial role to play in measuring customer satisfaction and distributing labour. For their measurement, we offer you our simple, fast and effective solution. The care and the call of customers is not the task of the system. It rather measures the maintenance time or the subsequent processing time, which is why we made every effort to keep an eye on the planning and only focus on the functionality.

Elements of the system:

  • Sequence number printer – PC-based sequence number allocation device
  • Readers of the processing barcode – With a support standing on the table equipped with a laser scanner
  • Database Server – Database server built into the network
  • Administrator profile

How the system works:

Upon arrival, the customer draws a serial number using the button on the kiosk. During the fast printing time, the system saves the data. When the waiting person’s turn comes, he hands over his / her sequence number to the clerk, who enters this code with his / her laser scanner. The time of reading also comes into the database and thus the measurement of the time of processing starts. At the end of the work, the process is terminated with repeated reading. With the procedure the time of the maintenance and the time of the processing are counted separately. And of course the time of the whole process together.The server sends the data with certain regularity (e.g. real-time or as collected at the end of the day) to the virtual server, where they can be analysed with appropriate authorisations.One component of the system is the profile of the administrator, where the statuses of the runtime allocators can be numbered, and messages about the necessity of paper roll exchange come. With this, the state of the elements of the system can be monitored remotely. It also allows instant access.


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