SRS OII (Online Invoice Interface)

As You may heard, the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy modified the currently effective Invoicing Regulation (23/2014. (VI.30.)) to introduce live (online) invoice data reporting to the Hungarian Fiscal Authority (NTCA (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary)), came into effect from the 1st of July, 2018. The decree contained a new XML data structure and the main legislative framework, based on which businesses could start their development projects.

The requirement will apply to all domestic B2B (business to business) invoices in which at least HUF100,000 (approx. €320) value added tax (VAT) is charged.

The NTCA defined a new XML data structure and disclosed the technical communication details towards the towards the NTCA central infrastructure, based on these information our company has created our SRS OII solution.

Important to mention, the new XML structure (what SRS calls NAV 3.0 XML) is not equal to the electronic invoicing, nor to the (offline) data export that is required to be had from 01.01.2016.

What SRS can do for You to fulfill the obligation:

  • Conversion of the invoice data from the Customer’s invoicing / ERP system based on the NTCA’s XSD schema definition
  • Web Service REST API connection establishment with the NTCA servers, submission of the previously converted invoice data, its visualization, checking and tracking on a webpage that runs on the intranet of the Partner

The operation of the system is the following:

The ERP systems (and virtually most of the invoicing systems) are capable to provide data output in various formats: CSV, SAP IDOC, NAV 2.0 XML, etc. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide the source files/data in a defined format with all the data required at the right time for the conversion purposes and to maintain the software.
The implemented solution does not connect directly to the customer ERP or invoicing system. The Customer provides the data from their own system in a structured format for the SRS solution, so the connection is established only through the processing of the provided data files by the ERP.
The software of SRS is going to be installed to the IT environment of the invoice issuer. Applying this method several legal and information security problems could be prevented.
After the initial check if the file is incorrect, e-mail message will arrive to the users will be visible on the webpage. During the following steps the data export is made according to the NTCA declaration then it will be sent to them in an encrypted format via a secured channel with continuous result checking. Either successful or not that result will be visible on the webpage, in case of problems the users will get a message and/or a previously defined distribution list.

SRS grants a WEB based monitoring service for the supervision of the converter mentioned above. The solution contains the following functions:

  • Management and creation of the User matrix
  • Application configuration GUI (visualization, integration, communication parameters)
  • Tracking of the queued data, visualization of events in order (time)
  • Form / syntax and content validation result visualization
  • View the result of the conversion, XML analysis
  • NTCA validation result and management
  • View of LOG files, problem analysis
  • View the previously sent data (with different filter options)
  • Ad-hoc report of the processed invoices, status report
  • Data export technical annulment via the WEB based system

Converter and communication module infrastructure requirements:

  • The storage will based on the tax number (NTCA technical user) in a SQL database
  • Min. MS SQL 2014
  • Min. Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64 bit) with min. 3 virtual core
  • Min. 8 GB system memory
  • Min. 100 GB free disk space

Suggested infrastructure for the WEB Based Monitoring system:

  • .NET Framework
  • IIS Web Server
  • MS SQL database (as mentioned above)
  • A modern web-browser: MS Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (64 bit) (as mentioned above)

If you are interested in our solution or need further information, please contact us.

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The schematics of the solution:

Some screenshots from the software: