SRS Ticket Sales and Entry System


For the facilities that can be visited with tickets, the fast, barrier-free and speedy ticket sale and entry is particularly important. Whether it is a smaller museum, or even a crowded beach resort or a sports centre, where numerous visitors must be served immediately, we offer you the best solution.

This is our own self-developed system, which is freely configurable according to the following points:


  • A ticket sales system consisting of a cashier and any number of customers,
  • Online cash register,
  • Creation of tickets printed on cash register tape, identified by their own number or on-site personalised tickets,
  • Possibility of ticket sales for customers with bank card,
  • Entry at barrier, turnstile or hand-operated ticket validation system,
  • Handling of season tickets, group and collective tickets,
  • Acceptance of bank card, holiday card, voucher, coupon,
  • Online ticket purchase, entry possibility with mobile phone application.

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