SRS Petrol

The SRS Petrol is a perfectly scalable online IT system for petrol stations, which can be used to meet the requirements of an independently functioning petrol station as well as an international or country-wide petrol station chain. It is based on a modern MS Windows and MS SQL technology, which guarantees reliable functionality, the possibility of linking to external systems and all corresponding support.

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The SRS POS (Point of Sale) is capable of faster and more efficient operation, whether it is to dispense fuel or to purchase a product.
The heart of the cashier system is formed by an intelligent, PC-based unit, to which the necessary peripheries are connected, such as a tax-deductible printer, a customer display panel, a cashbox, a barcode reader, a petrol station control system and, of course, the background system with which the necessary reports and billings can be cleared.
The petrol station control solution, the DOMS guarantees that the linkage to all of the most widely used dispensers can be established. Sale with the identification of items occurs after the approval of the NAV (National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA)).


SRS BOS (Back Office System) is able to control cashier systems (SRS POS terminals) and to collect the sales data received from the cashier systems. The SRS BOS takes care of all activities with the reserves and with the customers, furthermore of the handling of used activities and of making of to these demands matching reports.


The SRS HOS (Head Office System) is the highest level of SRS Petrol solutions, allowing you to control the entire petrol station network or to collect data generated there. From this one point, the operator company can initiate special offers or promotions for the whole petrol station network or only for a part, whose parameters can be set according to the current requirements. From HOS it is easy to transfer data to other central systems (such as ERP, CRM, etc.).

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